For over 25 years, I’ve painted/sculpted fantasy and surreal subjects. The paintings on this site are all oil on canvas. The sculptures are designed and reproduced by me in cold cast resin/metal, each piece hand finished by the artist.

To see my other work, visit www.baroquedesigns.net and www.julienhatswell.com

The inspiration for this site stems from my vivid childhood memories of a sports car business started by my father and uncle in the mid 1960’s. It was situated in the Kent village of Boughton near Faversham, on the old A2 London to Dover route. The sights, sounds and smells I was exposed to at the garage over the first decade of my life, fired a passion for what have now become todays classic cars.

My earliest memories of the scruffy pre-war workshops and vast dilapidated barn flanked by stock of various sports cars was refined by the mid 1970’s, when the site was spruced up to present a new Alfa Romeo dealership.  As I finished primary school, my father and uncle sold the business and went on to other ventures. It still traded under the same name until around 1997 when the site was demolished and redeveloped for housing. However, the ancient barn remains, the musty murky Aladdins Cave and occasional playground of my childhood, draped in cobwebs and littered with oily discarded engineering has been transformed into a terrace of pretty cottages.